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   SME Server Unauthenticated XSS To Privileged Remote Code Execution [details]
   Apache OpenOffice Virtual Table Corruption [details]
   iOS/macOS Kernel task_inspect Information Leak [details]
   iOS/macOS Safari Sandbox Escape via QuartzCore Heap Overflow [details]
   Symfony Framework forward() Remote Code Execution [details]
   Chrome AppCache Subsystem SBX by utilizing a Use After Free [details]
   Chrome Type Confusion in JSCreateObject Operation to RCE [details]
   Firefox JavaScript Type Confusion RCE [details]
   Firefox Information Leak [details]
   Cisco Prime Infrastructure File Inclusion and Remote Command Execution to Privileges Escalation [details]
   Android Printing Man in the Middle Attack [details]
   IRDA Linux Driver UAF [details]
   ASUSTOR NAS Devices Authentication Bypass [details]
   CloudByte ElastiStor OS Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution [details]
   VirtualBox VRDP Guest-to-Host Escape [details]
   Linux Kernel AF_PACKET Use After Free (packet_sock) [details]

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